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Note: All attendees must create a password. If you are registering for a group of people, each person listed will need a password to access their profile and content. Select a password for each person, then share it along with their registration information and link to this site. When they first log in using their email address, they should change their password.

The attendee email address and password grants access to this registration page after submission to change profile details, including whether the conference access is a Virtual registration or In-Person registration (while supplies last). Upgrading from a Virtual registration to an In-Person registration will mean an additional charge, but the Virtual cost will go towards the new payment. Note that our cancellation policy will apply if changing from In-Person to Virtual.

Note: The Discount Code entry box is located on the Payment page, visible next to each registrant.

If you are registering for one or more individuals but are NOT registering yourself, please read! All questions refer to the individual being registered, unless noted otherwise. To begin this section, you should enter the email address of the first attendee. Once all information is entered, click on the link to add additional attendees, taking you back to this page. Answer all questions as the second attendee, and so on.

Creating a password lets you log back in to modify your registration, and speeds up your next registration.
Affiliate members include staff/volunteers of a state affiliate or emerging organization & its certified recovery residences. If you aren't affiliated with us in any of these ways, select "No". Answer cannot be modified after submission.