Date & Time
Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location Name
The Gallery
Session Type
Multiple Speaker Presentation
Intended Audience
All humans
Level of Experience
Introductory -- No prior experience with topic needed.

How does recovery differ among religious and cultural minority populations? What challenges are most pressing within these recovery communities? What methods have proven successful and what do culturally-responsive programs need to thrive and connect? In this panel discussion, we‘ll speak with Indigenous and Muslim providers and advocates about the successes, challenges, and opportunities of both culturally-specific recovery services and incorporating culturally-responsive practices in all recovery settings.

Upon completing this session, attendees will… 1. Be able to describe the most pressing challenges facing Indigenous and Muslim recovery communities served by the panelists, as well as their most recent successes, 2. Understand the importance of culturally-responsive practices in serving Indigenous and Muslim people seeking recovery, and 3. Understand the unique recovery supports Indigenous and Muslim communities can offer those seeking recovery.
Counselor Skill Group
Legal, Ethical and Professional Development