Core Requirements

To be accepted for a session at the 2023 NARR Best Practices Summit, submitters must meet specific criteria. Criteria is based on NARR's mission, values, and goals of promoting quality recovery housing and recovery ecosystems across the country.

For a proposal to be eligible for Continuing Education Credits, it must conform to the NADAAC requirements. Some topics or delivery methods may prohibit awarding CEs for attendance. This will not disqualify your proposal from selection, however, please note NARR will only select a limited number of such proposals. 

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By submitting, speakers agree to attend their session in-person on one of our three conference days. We will work with you to find an appropriate solution should you no longer be able to travel or attend due to an emergency. NARR cannot guarantee the option to present virtually.

Longer time slots may be granted for certain sessions depending on availability and relevance. You will be contacted if NARR wishes to expand your timeslot.

Key topic areas include:

  • Recovery Residence Operations.
  • NARR Affiliate Operations.
  • Advocacy.
  • SUD & Recovery Research.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in recovery spaces.
  • Community, Government & Organizational Partnerships that further best practices or expand access to Recovery Housing or other supports.

NARR prefers topics that engage with recovery outside of treatment settings-- however, we are always looking for exciting new practices, applications of the Social Model, and other peer-to-peer support from any level of care. 

All speaker bios, resumes or CVs must contain verifiable information regarding a speaker's lived experience or credentials-- such as degrees or licenses held, date of issue, and issuing institution. NARR understands lived experience may be hard to verify; we suggest noting the work done related to the experience, such as advocacy, training and education, grassroots organizing, and other efforts.

All information should include adequate citations and references. Sessions that amount to a product demo or advertisement of a specific business or service will be declined. 

This does not include examples of successful Recovery Housing models employed by a specific operator.

All speakers-- including any staff, board members, or volunteers of NARR or its state affiliates-- must clearly distinguish their opinions from NARR's public policy on a topic. When referencing the official opinion of NARR, materials properly cite the most recent and relevant NARR publications or documents.

Priority Interests

Priority will be placed on sessions that sufficiently meet the following criteria . . .

  • Session addresses a specific need within recovery housing or recovery ecosystems that furthers quality standards, best practices, and community development.
  • Session is well suited for the NARR Summit and its relevant audiences.
  • Session ties into this year's theme of RECOVERY OUT LOUD.
    • Description: Your story has the power to change the world. How can sharing recovery experiences make for more effective advocacy, foster community partnerships, and increase access to quality recovery housing? How do you RECOVER OUT LOUD?
  • Content addresses the needs of marginalized populations within recovery housing and/or recovery support ecosystems.
    • We encourage all submissions to incorporate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into any topic. 
    • NARR is particularly interested in sessions that explore specific populations' recovery concerns, such as how to better support Latina residents in recovery housing. 
  • Content explores multiple pathways, innovative recovery methods beyond 12-Step programs, or methods that expand upon the 12-Step model.
  • Proposal meets the NAADAC requirements to award Continuing Education credits to those who complete the session.

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