Lucy Hall
Full Name
Ms. Lucy Hall LADC
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Mary Hall Freedom Village
Speaker Bio
Lucy Hall is the Founder and CEO of Mary Hall Freedom Village (MHFV), previously known as Mary Hall Freedom House (MHFH). Lucy, the youngest of seven children, came from a family that battled generational addiction. Her mother died of alcoholism when she was six and left behind all her children, some of whom later lost their lives to addiction. The impression her mother left in her life inspired Lucy to reach out to others battling addiction seeking recovery. She desired to help bridge the gap from darkness to light and to help others become independent and self-sufficient.
Today, her dream has become a reality with Mary Hall Freedom Village, named in memory of her mother and daughter. Through a community of connection and accountability, Lucy coaches others to free themselves from the past and live every day for the future. Over 15,000 women, children, veterans, and families have achieved recovery, independence, and self-sufficiency through Mary Hall Freedom Village since it was founded in 1996, by empowering individuals to end the cycle of generational addiction, poverty, and homelessness.
A native New Yorker, Lucy graduated from Shorter University with a degree in Human Services and holds national credentials as a substance abuse counselor. Lucy enjoys her family, faith, and fitness. She is the proud mother of two children, Mary and Christian, and she is a faithful member of Elizabeth Baptist Church.
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