David Rook
Full Name
David Rook
Job Title
President of True Recovery United
True Recovery United
Speaker Bio
David Rook serves as the President of True Recovery United. He is a man in long-term recovery, a devoted husband and father, and a giving member of his Richmond community. David is a Certified Peer Recovery Coach and a DBHDS (Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services) Peer Recovery Specialist trainer of trainer. Through his personal and professional experience, David has built an extensive knowledge of recovery and he enjoys educating others through public speaking and advocacy for legislative reform. He is passionate about using his experiences and wisdom to help others navigate recovery and he is a court advocate and family liaison. David served as Director of Operations at The McShin Foundation for four years and then grew on to develop his own diverse and thriving recovery housing resource for the community. Through his commitment to help people recover, David became aware of many legal and prejudiced obstacles that exist in trying to provide safe recovery housing to individuals. Seeking a change to help the community David went on to help build VARR (Virginia Association of Recovery Residences) in the Richmond community. He believes quality recovery housing is a crucial aspect in the success of individuals seeking recovery.