Autumn McCraw
Full Name
Ms. Autumn McCraw
Job Title
Community Engagement Coordinator
Speaker Bio
Autumn has a wealth of lived experience in many areas. At one point, her life was consumed by domestic sex trafficking, substance use disorder and incarceration. Today she has taken those experiences and has become a leader in changing systems that personally impacted her life. Throughout her recovery journey she has seen too many victims of sexual exploitation in treatment and recovery housing not knowing what they need to recover from. With all the knowledge and skill she possesses, she sets out to bring awareness and healing to the unspoken victims that have been exploited through their addiction. Today Autumn is a WVBACPP certified PRSS. She is a member of the WV HT Task force. She is an integral part of the Certification Staff at the West Virginia Alliance of Recovery Residences. After supporting the development of Pollen8 Inc, she now sits on their Board of Directors. Pollen8 Inc., is a unique organization with many facets to serve women in recovery. She participates as board consultant with West Virginia Families of Convicted People and speaks publicly about policy and legislative change to the justice system. Not only does she serve these working roles, her most important role is Mom to her beautiful daughter and fur babies Nova and Sir Thomas.
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