Date & Time
Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Location Name
The Plaza Ballroom
Session Type
Multiple Speaker Presentation
Intended Audience
state affiliate leaders, advocates, researchers, policy makers, national leaders
Level of Experience
Introductory -- No prior experience with topic needed.

How can we demonstrate recovery housing works? How much recovery housing do we need? Who does recovery housing benefit the most? Previously, the answers to these questions have been elusive. Now, many researchers, state affiliates and others are collecting data, using powerful new tools to analyze data, and exploring how we can use the knowledge that we have gained to further develop both recovery housing programs as well as statewide infrastructure. During this session state affiliate leaders, researchers, and technology developers will provide information, best practice guidance, and answer questions on how recovery home operators can use and leverage data and information. The session will provide information helpful to those just starting to consider more robust data collection as well as information on how to leverage and expand existing information and data.

Attendees will
- Learn strategies for starting the process of data collection, including collection of basic demographic and outcomes tool data
- Learn how data collection can be leveraged to tell the story of recovery housing, improve program services, and perform basic equity analysis
- Discuss key strategies for building on demographic, outcomes and network data into complex tools and resources for operators
- Identify ways that statewide data can be used to create new tools and resources, including making statewide, regional and local capacity estimates
- Learn about strategies for tracking disparities in utilization and access to recovery housing across key demographic categories
- Discuss appropriate messaging and communications of data results and reporting
Counselor Skill Group
Legal, Ethical and Professional Development
Session Materials