Tauchanna Bullock
Full Name
Mrs. Tauchanna Bullock
Job Title
Senior Pathway Navigator
Speaker Bio
Tauchanna Bullock is the Motherhood Pathway Navigator at REAL LIFE in Richmond, VA.
As a former Program Coordinator for the females in the REAL Program in the Richmond Jail, Tauchanna was really able to see the ins and outs of issues faced once the ladies were released into the community. Once REAL LIFE started in the community, she was hired and left the jail at that time to work with the ladies in community-based program.
Prior to this, she had many years of experience as a schoolteacher, which assists in the work she does today.
Through the Motherhood program, she provides transitional housing, parenting sessions, resources and therapeutic counseling that is specifically tailored for women who are battling addiction, mental illness and who may have a history of incarceration.