Benjamin Schwartz
Full Name
Benjamin Schwartz
Job Title
Deputy Director, State & Small Cities Division
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
Speaker Bio
"B. Cory Schwartz is the Deputy Director of HUD’s State and Small Cities Division, which administers the CDBG program for states. Since joining the Division in June 2020, Cory has helped launch RHP and supported HUD’s effort to assist communities in responding to the effects of COVID-19. Previously, Cory served as a Financial Management Analyst for HUD’s Section 108 loan guarantee program. During his 12+ years at HUD in Community Planning and Development, Cory has served numerous roles in advancing the Department’s mission of promoting community and economic development.

Curriculum Vitae
Deputy Director, Office of Block Grant Assistance, State & Small Cities Division (June 2020-current); Presidential Management Fellow/Financial Management Analyst, Office of Block Grant Assistance, Financial Management Division (August 2010-June 2020)"
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