Ashley Stewart
Full Name
Dr. Ashley Stewart PhD, MSW, LSW
Job Title
Director, Subject Matter Expert
C4 Innovations
Speaker Bio
Ashley Stewart, Ph.D., MSW, LSW received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, College of Social Work, and her master’s at Columbia University. As a professor, she trains interdisciplinary professionals in social justice theories and frameworks and translational skills for anti-oppressive practice. Her research focuses on institutionalized forms of identity-based- oppression and understanding the intricacies of policy, programming, organizational culture, and wellbeing to make equity-centered changes above and beyond diversity efforts.
Dr. Stewart is Race-Equity Subject Matter Expert, Trainer & Curriculum Development Specialist at C4 Innovations. In this role, she provides technical assistance, training, and organizational support to national organizations, boards of directors, and behavioral health organizations on implementing anti-racist practices. She utilizes an equity-centered approach to ensure that diversity and inclusion efforts move forward and reduce harm to people marginalized by systems. Her work includes assessing the intersections of identity, structural oppression, wellness, and policy. In addition to the advanced study of the consequences and causes of identity-based oppression, Dr. Stewart supports implementing anti-oppressive practices in organizational, structural, programmatic, and interpersonal interventions.
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