Brittany Reichmann
Full Name
Mrs. Brittany M. Reichmann
Job Title
Program Manager
Maine Association of Recovery Residences
Speaker Bio
Brittany is a life long resident of Maine. She is passionate about the expansion of services for those facing substance use struggles; hugely in part because of her own experience. After multiple attempts at seeking help elsewhere, she returned back to Maine in 2015.
Brittany started with MARR as the Assistant Program Manager in 2019, and took over the role of Program Manager in 2021.
Brittany attributes a large part of her long-term recovery from opiate use disorder to a successful experience in a recovery residence. Helping others facing similar struggles is something she holds close to her heart.
She is involved in her free time with various non-profit organizations within the community and as an alumni member of the Recovery Residence that helped to save her life. She currently resides in the very same town she spent years trying to get away from, but now with her husband and one year old son!
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