Brandy Anderson
Full Name
Brandy Anderson
Job Title
Acceptance Recovery Center
Speaker Bio
Brandy Anderson is a heartfelt dynamo with a vision and a dream. She is developing them both into a revolutionary recovery movement. Working in the addiction field since 2011, Brandy has continually demonstrated exceptional versatility and a sincere desire to be of service to people who struggle with Substance Use Disorders.
Brandy has been in recovery since 2009 and she realized her dream of opening the Acceptance Recovery Center in 2015. As a queer woman who has faced her addiction battles head on and emerged victorious, she is specially equipped with insight and understanding to lead others into the light.
She has a passion to bridge the gap between recovery support services for the queer community. She believes that spreading awareness and engaging the community with honest and openeingmned conversations can remove barriers and save lives.
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