Quinn Forss
Full Name
Mr. Quinn Forss
Job Title
Education & Communications Coordinator
Speaker Bio
Quinn Forss, BA (Gender Studies), BA (Creative Writing) | Education & Communications Coordinator, NARR
Quinn Forss has worked with the National Alliance for Recovery Residences for the last two years as a Minnesota Recovery Corps Opioid Response Project Coordinator. In that time, he spearheaded a variety of projects including developing a Grievance Policy Toolkit for affiliates, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion planning and training, and the creation of the Trans-Affirming Recovery Housing Best Practices. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies. During his education, Quinn co-authored the Non-sexist, Non-Gendered Language Policy for UWEC, and co-published the policy creation process in the journal Feminist Teacher (2013). He’s been published in Healthline discussing his experiences in recovery with chronic pain and finding trans-affirming services.
As a disabled trans man in recovery, Quinn has made it his mission to educate and support recovery housing providers in serving the needs of underserved communities. He is currently adapting his LGBTQ+ cultural primer toolkit into a full training curriculum for our new online Learning Management System as NARR’s new Education & Communications Coordinator. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he continues creating inclusive recovery spaces through his new organization, Kehl’s Quest— a peer recovery group that plays Dungeons & Dragons, and other table-top roleplaying games, to build a diverse recovery community and foster participants’ creative potential through gaming.